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Ephemera - Available June 14, 2019

Ephemera Album Cover 04.06.19.jpg

Photos by Colin Kopp


A Piano in Every Home’s third album Ephemera pulls together pieces from the last three years. Here the listener will find songs both new and re-visited (see Re: Meridian)

What started out as a duo of Travis Erickson on guitar and vocals, and Jacob Pavek on piano, the two childhood friends incorporated the doctrine of their live show into Ephemera, which includes Jake Wallenius on drums and Mark Kartarik on bass. 

With Ephemera any of the songs could fall within the listener’s favorite, depending on the moment and whether you are residing in your head or your heart. Throughout the album, the stories move between a sense of urgency and resolve, while seeking a tranquil balance. With music as their medium, A Piano In Every Home has woven their life experiences into the fabric of their work, something that was not as apparent half a decade earlier. 

Re: Meridian - Live at Turf Club


"North American Review — the album — maintains a certain vintage, well-organized allure. Erickson’s vocals deliver serenity, especially when paired with guest vocalist Kara Laudon’s, and the music itself is clean and tender. Listening to [the album] is like resting in a library with tall windows and shelves, surrounded by old stories and sunlight." - Cecilia Johnson, The Current

"It's only February, but A Piano in Every Home are early favorites for 2016 year-end lists in the Twin Cities ... The upcoming two-part North American Review — part I out March 19, part II out in May — shows the St. Paul folksters are growing not only in age but in ambition.
-City Pages Minneapolis

"As this band gears up for its second album release, “Anchorage” promises good things to come. This crisp song can shock and soothe at once." - Star Tribune

"There's just something in every song that communicates to me how much effort they put in to make it sound easy in the end, and that effort does not go unappreciated ... It has the weight of many more years than went into it, pulling from the past to deepen both sound and meaning. This album is much more than the sum of its parts and its people." -Kelsey Simpkins, The Aural Premonition

"On their debut album Meridian, Erickson’s warm and understated vocals mingle with thoughtful, gently maudlin lyrics and masterful folk instrumentals. Meridian is charged and introspective with Americana sensibility, like Matt Berninger meets the Great Plains." - KT Lindemann, The Current

"The introspective Meridian brings to mind a snowy winter evening with a glass of wine in hand, which was the mood Erickson was going for when he wrote the record." - City Pages Minneapolis